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ISTS Educational Assistance Program at ASU Online
International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS) Educational Assistance Program provides an opportunity for eligible partner employees to earn their degrees from Arizona State University online.
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Included with ISTS Educational Assistance Program
Understanding Program Funding
Needs-Based Federal Grants, Scholarships and Loans

In applying for federal grants, loans, and third-party scholarships, you could receive thousands of dollars more toward the cost of your education.

International Scholarship and Tuition Services Educational Assistance Program

Every eligible International Scholarship and Tuition Services partner employee will receive a scholarship for certificate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs at ASU Online.

Reduced Remaining Student Responsibility

You'll pay your school for any remaining costs, like books and supplies, which financial aid may also cover. 

Need-based aid includes grants like the Pell Grant or University Grant that are awarded based on the financial need of the student/family. Financial aid awarded based on demonstrated financial need from student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Student responsibility may be met through personal savings, loans, etc. 

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How it Works
  1. Request Information
    Complete the “Learn More” form below to work with an ASU Enrollment Coach and access all relevant information.
  2. Prepare for Application
    Continue on your guided experience to choose the best education path for you and learn about the resources that can help.
  3. Apply to ASU Online
    Apply to Arizona State University’s online programs and complete a FAFSA® at, as you may qualify for Financial Aid. (ASU's Federal School Code for FAFSA is 001081)
  4. Admittance & Course Enrollment
    Once admitted, register for classes and begin utilizing ASU’s online resources.
  5. Scholarship Award & Tuition Reimbursement
    After you register for courses, your scholarship will be awarded to your base tuition and fees. Your scholarship will appear in the Finances section of My ASU. You may also qualify for a reimbursement to cover the cost of tuition and certain fees for approved courses. Speak with your HR Benefits Manager for more details.
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Graduate Degrees
Aging (MS)

Next start date: 2021-01-11

Undergraduate Degrees
Art (Digital Photography) (BFA)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Art - Museum Studies (BA)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Art History (BA)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Astronomical and Planetary Sciences (BS)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Biochemistry (BA)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Biochemistry (BS)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

Undergraduate Degrees
Biochemistry - Medicinal Chemistry (BS)

Next start date: 2020-10-12

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Frequently Asked Questions

While applicants are able to apply throughout the year, please take note of the following session start dates for ASU Online:

  • Fall 2020 B - October 12
  • Spring 2021 A - January 11
  • Spring 2021 B - March 15 
  • Summer 2021 A - May 17
  • Summer 2021 B - June 30
  • Fall 2021 A - August 19

Though not required, filling out the FAFSA (if you are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen) is highly encouraged. This can help you understand what tuition benefits, grants and loans would be available to you to help pursue your higher education goals.

Students will see the ASU/ISTS scholarship on their ASU tuition bill prior to start of the semester. Employers may provide students further tuition assistance by way of tuition and fee coverage. This portion of the benefit is managed by ISTS and your employer. Please contact your company’s HR department or ISTS ( for more information

Tuition varies based on program and academic career. Please visit the tuition calculator found at for more information. The ISTS scholarship will be applied directly to ASU base tuition and fees.

If you’re interested in applying for a certificate program, there are several ways to manage the cost. Please contact the ASU Finances team at 1-855-278-5080 for details regarding how certificate programs are covered.


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