One Quick Quiz Can Reveal Your Career

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Sometimes we don’t know or understand ourselves quite as well as we would like to. Fortunately, there are tools to help us learn more about ourselves and the career paths that interest us.

Identifying your skills and interests

Identifying our skills and interests often helps us to focus on educational programs that complement our strengths and capabilities, and that we are likely to find interesting. Here are three free assessments to help you identify your skills and interests. 

  • The O*Net Interest Profiler poses 60 questions about skills that people do on their job, and how you would feel about doing each type of task. Take the assessment here.
  • The Career One Stop Skills Matcher evaluates your skillset and provides career options that may be a good match for your skills and interests. Start the Skills Matcher here.
  • Taking it a step further, the CareerExplorer career test evaluates over 140 traits to provide you with your top career matches based on a thorough assessment of your interests, personality, and preferences. CareerExplorer claims to have developed the most comprehensive career test ever built, and they utilize a vast career encyclopedia of over 800 career possibilities to provide you with your top matches. Find your top matches here.

Understanding your personality better 

In addition to identifying your skills and interests, it can be helpful to know and understand your personality a little better. 

  • If you have a little more than ten minutes, you can take a personality test at 16Personalities to learn more about your personality type. The 16Perosonalities evaluation is based on the Myers Briggs approach but uses an updated approach that is expanded to include how you respond to stress. Take a free personality test at 16Personalities here.
  • If you want to answer just two questions, the Test Color quiz may be for you. It asks you to complete just two short activities: “Click on the colors you like most,” and “Click on the colors you like least.” The results tell you how creative and innovative you are, about how you prefer to work, and your organization and management style. Take the quick Test Color quiz here.
  • Another thorough personality test is available at 123Personality. You’ll respond to 120 statements, indicating how strongly you disagree or agree with each statement. The results will help find out more about who you are and your strengths. The 123Personality quiz evaluates the Big Five personality traits. Take the 123Personality test here.

Using the results to guide your goals

So you’ve taken a few quizzes, now what? 

  • You may find it helpful to review the results of all of the quizzes and assessments you have taken together. Look for themes, such as personality traits and skills showing up in more than one place. 
  • You may find useful threads to follow up on, such as a suggestion about a career path that sparks your interest is worth exploring. 
  • A comment about an aspect of your personality that is a point of pride for you may indicate you would find satisfaction in a program that develops that aspect of your personality even more. 

The results of the assessments you take may not provide one clear answer, but they will certainly help you identify programs that are a good fit for your skills and interests!

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