Top 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2021

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Looking to make a career change this year? While 2020 had many ups and downs, it provided insight into the most in-demand careers across industries. Choosing a sought-after career is a way to help guarantee future job security. 

Your organization is offering learning opportunities that can help you access these fast-growing career paths. After you review the list, explore the programs that are the best fit for your skills and interests. 

Tip: Do you need help figuring out which of your passions, interests or skills might complement one of the fastest-growing jobs? Use our self-assessment guide to help figure it out!

1. Web/Software Developer

Web/Software Developers are responsible for designing, coding and updating websites or software. From layout to function, they develop projects according to a client's needs. 

Median salary: $107,510 per year

Skills needed: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, analytical, responsive design, back-end basics and search engine optimization.

Explore learning options: Technology or Engineering

2. Data Analyst

Data Analysts develop, manage and report information to support their organization’s decision-making. This includes running and improving existing reporting systems. 

Median salary: $63,790 per year

Skills needed: Knowledge of statistical programming languages, drafting and presenting reports, working with team members and creating systems.

Explore learning options: Data

3. Accountant

Accountants recommend financial actions and summarize current financial status. They prepare balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other reports.

Median salary: $71,550 per year

Skills needed: Good with numbers, research, management and data entry. Also skilled with analysis, problem-solving and computers.  

Explore learning optionsAccounting

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and Health Services Managers plan, direct and coordinate business activities for healthcare providers. This includes offices in healthcare facilities, hospitals and nursing homes.

Median salary: $100,980 per year

Skills needed: Tech-savvy and the ability to understand and apply healthcare policies. Also need strong management, problem-solving and organizational skills.

Explore learning optionsNatural Sciences or Health Services Management

5. Project Manager

Project Managers provide recommendations to strategic plans and prepare and complete action plans. They also apply productivity, quality and customer-service standards.

Median salary: $105,961 per year

Skills needed: Project management, tech-savvy, reporting and research. Also strong communication, team management and conflict management skills. 

Explore learning options: Project Management

6. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineers support patient diagnosis and treatment by installing, testing and repairing biomedical equipment. They also train users and maintain safe operations.

Median salary: $91,410 per year

Skills needed: Critical thinking, communication and work with cross-functional teams. Also comfortable designing, developing and testing medical/surgical components. 

Explore learning options: Engineering

7. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts watch networks for security breaches and look into known violations. They install and use software such as firewalls and data encryption programs to protect sensitive information.

Median salary: $99,730 per year

Skills needed: Expertise with intrusion detection systems, security software and administering information systems. Also analytical and a good communicator. 

Explore learning options: Technology

8. Operations Manager

Operations Managers oversee and improve operational systems, processes and infrastructure. They also anticipate and track operational risks and provide solutions.

Median salary: $100,780 per year

Skills needed: Leadership, communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. 

Explore learning options: Operations 

9. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives are often the main contact between a business and its customers. They make sure current customers have the right products and services. They identify new markets and customer leads and pitch prospective customers.

Median salary: $63,000 per year

Skills needed: Product knowledge, problem-solving and information-gathering. As well as communication, relationship-building and conflict management.

Explore learning options: Communication or Business

10. Financial Manager

Financial Managers apply business processes, administration and financial management systems. They maintain accounting systems, lead planning and forecasting activities to achieve business goals.

Median salary: $129,890 per year

Skills needed: Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. As well as analysis, mathematical expertise and detail-oriented. 

Explore learning options: Finance

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